3 Guys Tried Women's Painful Beauty Routines AndIt's Hilariously Satisfying To View

Three brave people volunteered to test out four common beauty regimens, and the outcomes showed that they aren’t as tough as they believed. The curious fellas attempted waxing, threading, manicures, and pedicures.


No one informed me about the hot stuff, one volunteer screamed. The individuals screamed and flinched with every rip. It’s like my feathers are being plucked, one bad guy screamed. And they all whined while getting their eyebrows threaded. I feel like someone is peeling off thin strips of my skin, is how one unpleasant man explained the hair getting rid of technique.


I feel extremely evaluated right now, because my nails are in terrible shape, one of the volunteers confessed. After you’ve been through such chaos and such an unpleasant experience it’s exceptionally unifying, one of the fellas stated as they welcomed each other.